She wanted me to break it.

She wanted me to break it. I could read that easily enough in her eyes. I looked around. Assets? A bench bolted to the basement floor, a locked door, a window, a pair of cuffs on each of our wrists, her and me. Not much, but enough. I closed my eyes to clear my mind. I needed to think.

BasementWhat were our options? We didn’t have much time. As soon as these two-bit nimrods handed us over to the syndicate we’d loose any chance for escape. If they were desperate enough to bounty us, they would take no chances. Well, once they had us. Until then though there was hope. Clearly they hadn’t divulged any information on the bounty. The fact we were alone now proved that the hunters didn’t quite grasp what they captured. Yes, now was the best time to get out.

How to do that though? That was the question. Unfortunately I would need both my hands free to work my magic on either exit. Grudgingly I accepted that she could get by with just one functioning hand. For a little while anyway. Which, if truth be told, we’d only need if we met any resistance. There had to be another option then what she purposed. However, there was no time to think of one.

I opened my eyes and raised my brow in question. She merely nodded before she started biting her collar. I gave her a brief moment to pull as much of it as possible into her mouth. All set, she nodded again. I rose from the bench and turned. She braced her wrist and cuff against the wall. Taking a deep breath I readied myself. It was clear. She was ready. She was willing. In a fluid movement I kicked out. She wanted me to break it.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: She Wanted Me To Break It…
May 2014 writing contest for Little Bird.


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