I definitely didn’t like the way those lights were flickering.

This wasn’t right. I should not be here. There were specific times when you should be walking the school corridors. Two o’clock in the morning was one of those times. Two o’clock in the morning five years after you’ve graduated definitely wasn’t one of those times. Despite the creeped out feeling I had, I ventured forth. Nick was here somewhere, I just needed to find him. Quickly.

The main hall was barley lit by the red exit lights. Luckily it was straight shot. And abandoned. I wasn’t likely to run into anything. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I tripped. Of course. Landing hard on my knees I sat down to recover and to explore. Reaching back I found a medium sized pack. Must be a students. I tossed it away, annoyed. Surely they had a locker.

Pushing myself back to my feet I wiped my hands on my pants. Taking a deep breath I continued. Past the science wing, the english department, the foreign studies hall, through the art studios until I arrived at the end of the music corridor. There, half way down, light seeped out from under the door. A refreshing sight. I headed to the door and it opened easily.

At first my brain could not process then scene in front of me. Blinking the brightness away I finally began to put the pieces together. It was one of the larger practice rooms with no windows to the outside. Candles lit the entire room, covering the folding chairs and music stands that ran along the perimeter. To my left was a piano. CandleThe piano was leaning in on itself. As if it had been sawed in half and then left to droop. In the middle of the room was Nick. He was duck taped to a folding chair. Despite the restraints though, he looked utterly bored and unconcerned. The same could not be said about the person he was with. The robed figure kept their back to me as they paced back and forth, muttering. They were flipping back and forth in a book. The crinkle of the pages carried with it years of experience. As the figure paced I could see a table with more candles, these blood red and unlit, and an assortment of bowls.

A few moments passed and neither of them acknowledged my presence. Weird. I couldn’t wait any longer, I started to cross the room heading straight for Nick. That’s when things started going down hill, fast. As if triggering some machine, a breeze appeared out of no where snuffing out the white candles. The occupants seemed to have swapped personalities. Nick was now struggling in his chair. He was trying to say something to me, but the gag muffled all speech. Instead I just got grunts and head gestures. The robed figure, a woman about five years older than myself, turned to face me. Her face and demeanor radiating calm. The breeze died down and the candles re-lit themselves.

“So glad you could join us,” the woman chimed.

She stuck out her hand to me. An invitation. A friendly enough gesture, in any other circumstance. I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend this particular party though. Walking deeper into the room, I ignored her offered hand. That wasn’t an option though. She continued to shove it in my face until I took it. As soon as I did the candles on the table began to sputter to life. As they did a coppery metallic smell started to emanate from them. Something about them made me uneasy. I definitely didn’t like the way those lights were flickering. The flames held my gaze. As the sputtered they seemed to be making shapes in their flames: faces stricken in agony, winged creatures, giant dogs. It made no sense.

By the time I returned my attention to the woman I was in a chair opposite Nick. Bound, like he was, with duck tape. I began to struggle against the restraints. Out of no where a second robed figure, this one a man, appeared. Fluidly he drew a knife from his sleeve and held it against Nick’s throat. That stilled me. As much as I wanted to be free, I would not risk my brother’s life. With my stillness apparent the figure removed the knife and disappeared into the shadows. I blinked, hard. Upon reopening my eyes I searched the space where the man had been. He was gone. Completely vanished. With the hair on the back of my neck rising I looked to the woman. What was that in her eyes? They were a peculiar mix of blue and brown. Eyes I had almost seen before.

“Shelly?” I asked, confused.

The woman stiffened, “Close, but, as usual for you, wrong. However, we will be seeing my dear sister again. Quite soon actually. Now that the final piece to the puzzle has graced us with her presence.”



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: I definitely didn’t like the way those lights were flickering….
Heather Wright


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