Jagged rocks pierced the water surface all about her.

“Achoo!” she sneezed. “Gross. Hey hun! Would you mind grabbing my ‘kerchief out of my jacket?”

handkerchiefHe paused his return to the living room to detour to the hall. Grabbing the jacket, he started searching. Quickly he found the wadded up cloth and pulled it out. With it came a scrap of paper that fell to the floor. Bending to pick it up he couldn’t stop himself from reading the hastily scrawled message.

…jagged rocks pierced the water surface all about her. We don’t know wh….

He wanted to read more, but like most things she had, it was ripped. He flipped it over and saw part of a watermarked logo. The name of the company was missing, only the word ‘Agency’ was left. By sheer luck the address, or most of it, was still intact: 404 Commercial A… Anacortes, Washing…. Confused he stuffed the scrap back into coat and brought her the handkerchief.

Most of his night was spent thinking about that scrap of paper. He tried to put the thought aside, but for some reason his curiosity wouldn’t let it drop. As he fell asleep that night he knew he wouldn’t be getting any research for his dissertation done until he figured this little mystery out. First thing in the morning he would be finding out just where Anacortes was and what this Agency could be.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Open the book nearest to you to page 383. Copy the last sentence on the page. Your hero has found this on a piece of paper in his love interest’s coat pocket. What could it mean?
Book: The Mysterious Benedict Society (page 383-384) by Trenton Lee Stewart
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