For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.

September 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Trial Test Subjects: 24 (names listed in the addendum along with alias*)
Update: In accordance with the accepted Drake Doctrine of multiverses we hope to catalog all the different universes. Initiating tests tonight. The subjects in this trial have been shown to have unprecedented levels of sigma waves. Most humans have levels of sigma waves so low they can’t even be detected. We are testing to see if the sigma waves can be used to control which universe a subject visits while they sleep.
*In interest of anonymity and unbiased research I had my assistant randomly assign each subject with an alias. The addendum  is the only time I have seen their given names, and the only time I will reference them. From here on out, to me and to our research, they are their assigned code name.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

October 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: My associate, Doctor Kaplan, has found elevated levels of awareness with his subjects after administering capsules of A93X0 to his test subjects. To date only Charlie and Kappa have had any awareness of travel-like dreams. Barely any of the test subjects even remember their dreams, only Golf, Mu, Nu, November, Papa, Tango and Phi. The others know that they have had dreams, but can’t recall any details. All except Whiskey, who upon further testing, doesn’t seem to have normal sleep patterns. Additional monitoring is being set for that test subject to re-evaluate her sigma levels. May have been a false positive. Tau too, may have been a false positive. Although he, at least, has normal sleep cycles. If data does not improve by next month we will adopt Doctor Kaplan’s method of dosing our test subjects.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

November 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: Although a few of the test subjects have progressed in their ability to remember dreams (Alpha, India, Rho and Victor), we are aware that we need faster results. With this in mind tonight marks the first night my test subjects will take A93X0. Against my better judgement my fellow testers have convinced me to allow Whiskey and Tau to stay in the trial to see if the pills have any effect. The retests on the sigma levels were inconclusive.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

December 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: Quite pleased with the changes that have occurred since we initiated the supplements. All subjects have progressed in their abilities. Some further than other.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

January 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: At the end of the first triad the subjects rank in their abilities in the following order: Charlie, Kappa, November, Nu, Rho, India, Tango, Zeta, Kilo, Epsilon, Papa, Mu, Victor, Omicron, Alpha, Beta, Romeo, Theta, Golf, Phi, Whiskey, Delta and Tau. Omega has elected to end his participation in the trials. Charlie, Kappa and November have all progressed to where they can clearly recall and describe four worlds each week. So far they have not done enough traveling during their dream to map out what the world is like, but we have learned a lot about several cities thus far.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

February 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: Subjects Charlie, Epsilon, Golf, Omicron, Papa and Tau have been complaining of negative side effects. Although some had progressed to being able to remember locations they refuse to continue to participate under the current conditions. The loss of Charlie is great as she was our leading subject to date. Unclear if the symptoms will develop in the other test subjects or not. Perhaps some no longer wished to be apart from their families, the subjects have not been allowed to leave the facility. We had hoped they would be able to return home after we initialized the tests. However, with the scope of the research changing with each revelation they deliver, we had to alter the parameters.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

March 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: I still am unsure how to report what happened. Zeta, Beta and Phi are dead. It would seem they all showed up in the same place at the same time. Whiskey was there as well, in some way or another. Whiskey is still unable to control her movements when she dreams. As a result she merely witnesses events but cannot add to or alter them. In this case it was fortunate because she was able to explain how they died. I remember, as a teen, hearing stories about people who died in their dreams and then died in real life. I always wondered how the kids could be so sure they had died in their dreams. I guess this is one way. To read the full report please reference IDRDOR-341Z/A-E6.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

April 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: We’ve loss two more test subjects. Romeo elected to leave and Theta died, not sure how or why. Theta’s death was just last night and has yet to go through all the tests. I have a growing concern about the safety of this endeavor. Perhaps by controlling our movements we make ourselves targets when we travel. Is that why so many are dying? It isn’t just in my trial that there have been losses. Kaplan has lost all but eight and Travers is down to twelve. Luckily not all of them have died, but I’ve been trying to follow up with some of my test subjects that elected to leave. I’ve been unable to reach Charlie or Tau. Although they may be ignoring my calls I fear it is something worse. Especially with Charlie. Her abilities to maneuver the worlds, before she left, were developing well. I do not know how being taken off the supplements effected her. I will have to implement an exit interview as well as system to monitor the subjects after they leave. If that is possible. It is all free-will experimentation. If they decide to get out there is not a whole lot I can force them to do.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

May 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: The second triad is over and the test subjects rank in the following order. November, Rho, Kappa, Nu, Kilo, India, Mu, Victor, Alpha, Whiskey, Tango, Delta, Omega. There are definitely hostile worlds. I have decided to ween my test subjects off of Kaplan’s supplement. I know we need the data, but we can’t collect it if all my test subjects die.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

June 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: Remarkable. Truly amazing. Several subjects have blossomed now that they are no longer taking A93X0. Although it did help them initially, it seems to be something that one should take to kick start the ability, not to continue to take. Although Nu and India now lead the rankings, no one has improved as much as Whiskey. Always in the bottom fourth before, she now is fourth overall. More over, she seems to have the ability to control if she is in control or not in a dream. She explained it to me like she gets the option of either being a player in a world or just a bystander. As a bystander she can’t be killed because she is just seeing what happens. As a player she gets a say in what happens. Rho continues to have strong results as well. Although he can’t control exactly which world he goes to, he has discovered a pattern. The pattern is: new universe and, enchanted forest*, Greece*, new universe, Bermuda triangle*, Narnia* Greece, new universe and then he starts from the beginning. Although he is still only remembering three or four nights each week, so it is an imperfect pattern. Also it should be noted that whenever he tries to go to a specific location, even if it is ‘up’ in rotation, he finds herself somewhere else. Quite handy as he puts it. November, too, has noticed a pattern to where she goes. Although it seems she bounces around a bit more than most. It was hard to see it at first, we are trying to track it, it seems like she regularly goes to sixteen worlds. Luckily she’s up to remembering 12 out of every 14 nights, so it makes tracking her long pattern easier.
*Please note that these are his world designations, not officially sanctioned titles.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

July 6
Trial: Alpha-Echo 6
Update: Whiskey has done it. I don’t know how, and I don’t think she doesn’t either, but she intentionally traveled somewhere last night. I should preface this with the fact that India was killed and November was taken. Somehow when those two traveled to the other world something got India. That same something  was able to cross through and physically take November. Whiskey, again as a bystander, saw where the two were visiting, but unable to control anything she didn’t see how India was killed. All she saw was that they were both there, and somehow November had appeared more solid than India. When Whiskey awoke today and discovered what had happened she wept for an hour. Mumbling something about being too cowardly. Before she went to bed she said to my assistant, “I’m going back and I’m going to make them pay.” Apparently she did, or at least she got back. RingWhen she awoke this morning she had November’s engagement ring. We haven’t been able to get a single word out of her. She is currently undergoing testing to make sure she is alright physically. I’m fairly certain it is a mental issue. I don’t know which to hope for. If she is able to recreate her results, and able to show and teach others, we may be at the dawn of a new age. But what can an age be like that begins with a lust for revenge.
Submitted by Doctor K. Laos

Test Subject : Trial Name
Lorelei Brown : Alpha
Abel Davis : Beta
Cristina Miller : Charlie
Mischa Taylor : Delta
Benton Walker : Epsilon
Diogo Martinez : Zeta
Sasha Harris : Golf
Wyatt Lee : Theta
Kiara Martin : India
Glenn Collins : Kappa
Betty Campbell : Kilo
Troy Edwards : Mu
Paxton Reed : Nu
Abby Morgan : November
Topher Rogers : Omicron
Zenith Cook : Papa
Wesley Bell : Rho
Alana Richardson : Romeo
Soren Ross : Tau
Finlay Coleman : Tango
Parker Perry : Phi
Tessa Henderson : Victor
Juliet Smith : Whiskey
Yule Garcia : Omega



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: It turns out that dreams are actually other dimensions in a multiverse that we randomly visit each night. Someone has figured out to control it.


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