He hadn’t meant for her to die.

On the third attempt Rob got the house key in the lock. It took more effort than it should have to turn and open the front door, but he managed it. Finally, he was home. Long week didn’t begin to cover what the last seven days had been. Being woken at three in the morning to quick pack a bag for an international meeting had not been a good omen for how it all started. The entire week he couldn’t shake a nagging feeling. He figured it was just the cold feeling you have when you forget something at home. He had left plenty of things behind: a second pair of dress shoes, socks, a cufflink, and a handkerchief were the tip of the iceberg of forgetfulness.

Oh well, the ‘fire’ started by his coworker was now out. Why Gerald had decided to snap on this particular account was anyone’s guess. Everyone knew he was a hot head and from day one everyone, except for those on the recruitment and hiring team, had been waiting. Gerald didn’t have the right temperament for this work. Fast pace, lots of projects running at once, and long hours. It just wasn’t what he really wanted and there was nothing wrong with that. Perhaps if he wouldn’t have been on the international accounts he would have been able to deal. But as a father of four he needed to be home more than he had been the last six months.

The clock chimed letting Rob know it was half-past two. As if he needed the reminding. As he headed up the stairs a bolt of orange flew past him, startling him in his weary state. Snuggles the antisocial cat. A parting gift from the ex that, obviously, still rankled. It was way past his bedtime to deal with the dumb cat’s box, he was just glad he had an automatic food and water bowl. All he wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep until this time next week. Not realistic, but he’d compromise for a solid 18 hours.

Brushing up against the guest room door, it swung open without a sound. He threw the suit case on the bed and turned to leave. Out of the corner of his eye he registered something floating in the air. Grumbling he pawed the wall for the switch. The lights blinded him as they came to life, vividly searing the scene of destruction onto his brain. What. The. What. Feathers were everywhere. The scene finally registered and he looked to the cage. Peaches, his cockatoo, was no where to be seen. Or rather everywhere.

Bird CageThe cat fleeing. The door not latched.  Feathers everywhere. That was what he had forgotten. That was the nagging feeling that had persisted over the past week. He had forgotten to lock the guest room door to keep the stupid evil cat out. Peaches, his precious Peaches was gone. He hadn’t meant for her to die. Unable to think anymore he turned around, locked the door and left the room. He barley made it to his bed before he collapsed. Exhaustion and sadness would not wait anymore. They both pulled him into the unconscious oblivion of sleep.


Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: He hadn’t meant for her to die.
The Sarcastic Muse


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