Time flies

DogsRushing in she tossed her keys, purse and jacket onto the counter. Late, she had already planned to rush her prep time and now she was late. Silly, she had forgotten to take into account the construction on the 212. Whistling she headed to the deck door tossing it open. Hyperion slinked in taking his sweet time and cuddling with her legs. That was until the dogs rounded the corner, then he stuck his nose up and mosied off, too good for their company. Artemis and Apollo rushed to be beside her. She pet them as she hooked them up so they could be outside for a bit.

Flying up the stairs, she was halfway undressed by the time she made it to her bathroom. What could she skip? She didn’t necessarily have to wash her hair again, just rinse so she could start afresh. That would save her a few minutes, what else? She pondered while she sped through her shower, making a list of what to do. Her process streamlined as best as she could on short notice she ended the shower and implemented her plan.

Drying off, she quickly plugged in the straightener and  hurried to her room to grab the dress. She ran downstairs and threw it in the dryer to fluff up. Then she detoured on her way back upstairs to the kitchen to double check the food. Opening the fridge she noted that the veggie tray just needed the minimal prep she had hoped for. The vegetables were all cut and stored in their respective containers and the dip had turned out well. No separation at all. Returning to the bathroom she flipped her head and began the arduous task of taming her mane.

Twenty minutes later her hair was dry, smooth and styled. Longer than she anticpated, she always judged time wrong. She craned her neck back and forth, assessing. Her face was, luckily, clear this week. She could get by with the bare minimum of make up. Sure, she could do a full revamp, but it was a casual dinner with the partners, or suppose to be. And time was ticking away. Nodding over the positive assessment she set to work making up her face for the evening. A few minutes later she was done. She grabbed her watch from the sink counter and headed out of the bathroom. As she wrestled the band onto her wrist she noticed she only had twenty minutes left, and that was if he was late getting home from work.

He was never late. He always teased that that was her job.

Making her way back to the dryer she checked on the dress. Perfectly fluffed and pre-warmed. Just what she wanted on a brisk fall evening. Dashing upstairs she noticed the light was blinking on their answering machine. Making a mental note to check it before she left, she continued up the stairs. Slipping out of her robe she noticed how much hair clung to the back of it. She had definitely made the right choice on that then. Shaking her head at the alarming rate at which she, and the animals, shed hair, she smoothed the dress on over her head, taking care not to mess anything up.

Throwing drawers open and shut she tried to locate the leggins she planned to wear. After five minutes with zero results, she threw her hands up in surrender and grabbed a different pair. Quickly pulling on her boots and throwing a scarf around her neck her watch began to beep. Five minute warning, her time was almost up and Rick would be there any minute. She trotted down the steps and headed to the kitchen to assemble the vegetable tray. That would take a few minutes but she had done it. She silently congratulated herself on getting being on time for once. Entering the kitchen the blinking light, again, caught her eye. The readout said there was one message. She pushed the button and then crossed to the fridge.

“Hey honey,” Rick’s voice crackled over the connection, “I hate to do this to you, but we had a big client drop in at the end of the day today. I have to go to supper with him and a few of the partners. Your phone was going straight to voice mail, hoped to catch you at home. Don’t have much more time before I have to meet up with them, so I’ll shoot you a quick text as well. I’ll call you when we are done and bring you a slice of cheesecake. We’re going to Joeseppi’s on Ninth. Sorry again, especially for the late notice. I love you. Later.”

She stood staring at the machine, the door to the fridge hanging open in front of her. Finally a laugh escaped her lips and she shook her head. Of course. He’d never believe her. She was actually ready on time! Crossing to her purse she dug out her phone. Still off from being at work all day. Oops. Waiting for it to turn on, she smiled to herself. She would get to stay home for the evening and get cheesecake. Win-win. She launched the camera. Taking a quick picture of herself with the watch face as evidence. She texted him a quick note, emphasizing she had gotten ready in just under one hour.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Write a story that takes place in one hour.
Sarah Selecky


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