Cry your heart out

Rebeka’s time was up. No more stalling. The cement door slowly slid out of the way and she entered the room where her family was being held. The gun was waiting on a table in the middle of the room. She slowly approached it. One shot. One sacrifice. One death and the rest would be free.

When she reached her spot, she stepped up onto the pedestal. As soon as she was stable the trap triggered and all was set. Slowly she looked at each family member in turn, noticing they were all gagged. That made it easier, as if any of this was easy. At least they couldn’t try to sway her from her decision. Her father had a black eye while her mother, her dear sweet caring mother, had a busted up lit. The Minsters were lucky Rebeka hadn’t seen the state of her family when they were face to face. The site of her parents alone would have undone her.

As she continued and inspected her siblings the feeling was only intensified. Celia, her fourteen year old sister, had a cut across her cheek and bruises peeked out from the edges of her t-shirt. Rebeka wished she would learn what had happened to her, but she never would. Her eyes shifted to John, her pain-in-the-butt brother, if Celia had been hurt it was nothing compared to what had been done to John. Defiantly he looked back at her. Like he knew he was on the chopping block and he was just wanting her to get along with it. His jaw appeared to be dislocated, his nose was broken and his face was a riot of black, purple, yellow and reddish brown. He looked the worst of the bunch.  Which made sense. He had always been a little bit hostile and wasn’t in the habit of keeping his opinion to himself. He was mad at the world. From where Rebeka now stood, it was hard not to see his point.

She looked down at the gun. Her hands shook as she reached out making her worry she would miss fire. However, once the gun was in hand it was perfectly steady. She could do this. She had to do this. Kill one person and her family was free. Incomplete but free. Knowing how closely the Minsters were watching for any tricks she aimed the gun at her little sister. They locked eyes. Rebeka gave her a little smile, she did have one last gambit. Before anyone could stop her, she brought the gun to her head and fired.

Her body fell. It seemed to fall for ages before finally hitting the ground. As soon as blood touched the sensor pad the far cement door slid free. The pedestals holding her family deactivated and in a flash Celia was at her sisters side. Forgetting about the gag she reached out to cradle Rebeka in her lap. Their father collapsed around his daughters, trying to console Celia the best he could, holding them both. He looked around, John was still frozen on his pedestal unable to comprehend what had just happened. Then his eyes found his wife. She rocked back and forth on her pedestal sobbing. Her hands were clutched around her body, as if they could hold the hole in her chest together. But they couldn’t. She continued to sob her body shaking violently.

A moment passed before a kind voice broke over the loud speaker, “You are now free to go. Please exit through the door to your left. Thank you for your service with the Ministry. Remember, by working together we create a better tomorrow.”

Celia looked up as the slogan of the New Order was repeated. She had once believed by working together they could build a better tomorrow. She always had been a gullible child. Not anymore. She looked to John and together they nodded. She pressed a kiss to Rebeka’s forehead before gently shifting her back the floor. Her father had left her to get her mother. It was not going well. She was unresponsive, her crying paused for now. She just sat there staring at Rebeka.

WatchKnowing they had to leave, her father finally picked their mother up, carrying her out the door. John walked up along side his sisters. He crouched down and pulled their grandfather’s silver star out of his pocket and pinned it to her shirt. The same man’s fob watch had fallen out of her pocket when she fell. He picked it up and caressed her cheek before standing. Offering Celia the hand she took it and stood. Staying linked they left the room, each resolving to end the Ministry, or die trying.

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Cry your heart out: Write a scene where someone is reduced to sobbing without being touched or spoken to.
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