Atlas of Fictional Places: Celles

MapCelles: The continent of Pesradese  is home to a handful of mountain ranges. In the heart of the continent is a circular range called the Haefen Mountains. The mountains all climb to well above sea level where they eventually all converge into one valley. Long ago the valley filled with water from the peaks of the mountain that formed the Wist Sea. The Wist seas is an oblong mass that, from above, looks a bit like a pear. If you keep this aerial view, in the middle of the bulged bottom of the pear is the island of Celles. Despite the high altitude, the island has a temperate climate caused by geothermal springs. Celles use to be the homeland of the Verizein, although now it is believed to be abandoned. No one comes from or goes to Celles anymore.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Make one entry for the book entitled “The Atlas of Fictional Places”


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