“No no no!” The boy yelled at the figure. “This can’t happen!”

Closing his eyes he to concentrate. He tried to think of all the times he had been electrocuted. He didn’t come up with many. Not surprising given the memory loss. He then thought of all the people he had accidentally electrocuted. In the fortnight of his discovery in the glades he had caused over a dozen incidents, steadily growing in severity until now. Were there any common threads? Just him. Perhaps he could make it happen.

From what he could tell, there was always a large expelling of energy. After each incident his chest was always sore. Perhaps that’s where it originated. Starting in his chest and emanating outwards. Focusing on his chest he imagined a flow of energy going specifically down to his hands. Nothing happened. He peeked out from beneath his eyelashes at the figure. The man was still, he didn’t have much time left. If the boy didn’t find a away to get his heart started soon the man would stay dead.

Fear crept into his veins and he began to panic. Resting his hands on the mans chest he tried again. Nothing. They would never take him back, not if he killed the director. He would have to go on the run. That seemed familiar. He couldn’t be sure, but the boy felt as if he had spent a lot of time on the road. What kind of life was that? Being alone all the time. He didn’t want that for himself. Despite the fact that everyone at the compound was leery of him and his undiagnosed ability it was better to be there. And there was the man himself. He was so kind, always patient with him. Trying to figure out exactly what was happening to the boy.

His hands still rested on the man’s chest when the room began to fill with agents. Apparently they had finally figured out something was wrong. That was the last straw. So panicked by the men and women filling the room the boy jolted. WireIt was enough. At the last moment the boy regain his composure and tried to focus all the energy into his hands. He wasn’t completely successful but enough of the current went through to shock the man’s chest. The agents tried to separate the two but the boy wouldn’t have it. He wrestled and kicked until he at least could check for a pulse. It was faint, but the man’s heart had restarted.

After that he made no fuss. The agents put him into and insulated straight jacket and set him off in a corner. From there the boy watched as the director slowly regain his faculties. A girl looked around and spotted the boy sitting alone. She gave him a slight smile through the cut on her lip. The boy grimaced, remembering she had received a flying elbow in the scuffle. She walked over to where he sat and joined him.

“Well you certainly are a live wire aren’t you?” she joked.

“You’re….you’re not mad?”

She shrugged, “Nah. Happens all the time. Don’t worry about the old man either. He’s use to…incidents.”

“Why aren’t you in uniform.”

“Ah, you noticed that huh? I’m not in uniform because I’m not an agent. These bone heads haven’t wanted you mingling with the rest of us. Silly if you ask me.”

“The rest of you?”

“Kid, you aren’t the only one. This place is full of remarkable people. Now, what’s you’re name?”

“They’ve been calling me 62. I can’t remember my name.”

“That sucks. Well Wire, don’t worry about a thing. I’ll talk to the old man. See if we can’t get you integrated in with the general population. It’d be much better for you to be with the rest of us. I think I know a girl who can help with the name thing, and the other memories too for that matter.”


“Yeah, Wire. Lots of kids’ go by nicknames here, usually they’re connected to their ability. Like I said, you’re a bit of a live wire. So why not? Unless you prefer 62. Or something else for that matter.”

The boy shrugged, “Wire works as well as anything.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Lia!” a portly man yelled. “What are you doing here! You are suppose to be in lock down!”

The girl leaned over conspiratorially, “Don’t worry. They use these big scary words like ‘compound’ and ‘lock down’ to make it seem like something it isn’t. I’m actually just grounded for sneaking out.”

The man had reached the pair at this point, “Did you hear me? What. Are. You. Doing. Here?”

“I was talking to Wire. It’s about time he chatted with someone close to his own age.”

“Dormitory, now!”

She got up and dusted off her pants. Then she turned to the boy, still stuck in the jacket, “See you around Wire. Don’t let the suits get ya down.” Then she winked and practically danced out of the room. The man followed her, mumbling under his breath. The boy replayed the incident in his head and decided the girl might be a bit off. However, he didn’t mind the odd nickname. People only got nicknames if they were a part of something. Maybe he really could be a part of this place. The thought brought a smile to the boys face. An act he had no memory of doing before.

“Ah, I see you’ve met Ophelia,” the Director said as he walked up to the boy.

“I think so?”

“Don’t be apprehensive 62.”


“Excuse me?”

“My name. It’s Wire.”


“Yes sir.”

The man looked up at the door, as if he could see the girl still. Then he too smiled.

“Alright then. Wire. I think it’s high time we take a new approach. How would you like to meet the others?”

Part of Agents & Abbies

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Write about a character named Wire.
Sarah Selecky


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