See no evil

“Welcome back to the world Miss Baláž. How are you feeling?” the doctor asked as the girl’s eyes fluttered open.

She blinked away grogginess, “Quite well, thank you Doctor Ramirez.”

“Glad to hear it. The surgery went quite well  and after the ocular cortex has synthesized you should be all set. Will you be calibrating today as well?”

“Yes sir, figured I should go ahead and get it all done at once.”

“Good good. Hopefully synthesizing will only take about an hour or so, then you can head over to the Hub. They’ll get you all situated. Oh, well how about that.”

“How about what?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, a slight color variation between your eyes. It’s a common side effect. After all, nature has a way of creating colors man can rarely perfectly recreate.”

As promised, an hour later she was at the Hub. The waiting room was sparsely populated, apparently Thursday at 2:38 wasn’t an overly popular time to launch your Sight. She sipped her chai whlie tapping her foot, wondering what her first upload should be. More often then not the first fifteen seconds set the tone for how your show would go. By extension, it set the tone for your life as well. Perhaps her starting her Sight at a mundane time was a sign. She was destined to live a very average life. Not overly exciting but not overly sad either. She could live with that. A happy middle.
“Nikita Baláž,” The tech called.

EyesShe stood and followed him back to the calibration chamber. After a few minutes of explaining how the controls in her eye worked he began the process. The tech hooked up some electrodes to her temples and other cords to measure her vitals. Then he held up a series of lights, flashing and scanning her eye over and over again. He then held her wrist and took her pulse. After thirty beats he started a machine that gave a series of intermittent shocks to her system. After another thirty beats he was done.

“Now, your feed will go live in five minutes. There is a staging room next door for your introductory video. Welcome to the world of live streaming Nikita. I’m sure your Sight will be quite popular,” the tech droned, not sounding at all genuine.

She grabbed her tea and headed out. Outside the staging room was a mirror. She took a quick moment to fluff her curly black hair. She pinched her cheeks for color and finally looked at her eyes. She’d been avoiding looking at them until now. She had always had icy clear light blue eyes and she liked them. As she gazed at her eyes she noticed the changes. They indeed had had troubles matching the clear blue, the ocular eye appeared almost silver. Well, at least she’d never forget which one was the camera.

She checked her watch and noticed it was almost show time. She entered the room and saw that it had been calibrated to her time line. The clock now read 85-84-83… The room was cramp to say the least. She had to shut the door before there was enough room to sit down in the chair. Although the room was cramp, she did like the style. Drapes behind here made a warm and comforting backdrop. Perfect for what her life would likely be. Again, not overly exciting, but quite reliable. She situated herself and looked in the mirror. The time ticked down and she found she was quite nervous. Her mouth parched she decided to take a quick swig of tea before her time was up.

Distracted by a noise outside her room she didn’t actually take drink until her feed went live. At the same moment the door quickly opened, running into her arm. Tea poured down her front, drenching her shirt. The boy who had thrown the door open gave a brash apology before shutting it. Nikita looked at the door, the cup and then her shirt. She couldn’t believe this was how it started.

Looking up at the reflection, focusing on her silver eye that would stream live to the internet she dead panned “My name is Nikita and welcome to the disaster diaries.”



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: It’s 2030, and the newest trend is to have one’s eyes replaced with implants that record and upload everything you see for all the world to watch
Justin McLachlan


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