The miniature misadventure of Gabriella Santos

FieldGabriella tottered through the grass. For a four year old she still didn’t have the best grasp on walking. She had gone straight from crawling to running. Running she could handle. Perhaps that was why her mother insisted on giving her dress shoes, they were awfully uncomfortable to run in. So here she was picking her way slowly through the yard outside their house. She made it to the edge of the over grown farmland and stopped. The field had been claimed by prairie grasses. They were quite tall, in spots taller than she was. She wasn’t suppose to leave the yard. Her mother had been quite clear, but this field was part of their property too. The breeze whispering through the grass called her to come inside. Ignoring her mother’s earlier warnings she began to pick her way through the field.

It didn’t take long for Gabriella to get lost. At first she was having too much fun exploring to be scared. On the edge of the field was a little pond and she was having the time of her life searching for frogs. She had it in her head every pond had frogs, which simply wasn’t true. Stubbornly she searched on. After fifteen minutes of fruitless searching she gave up and slumped to the ground. Something in the muddy bank dug into her leg as she sat and removed her shoes. Twisting around she spotted a glint of metal in the ground. Curious she dug out the object. It was a cylinder with a switch on it. It roughly looked like one of those glowing stick things from the movies with the little weird green guy her father loved so much.  She remembered one of the people had lost an arm from the light. Careful to hold it correctly she pushed the button.

Out came, not a beam of light, but a creature. It sprang to the ground. It had the body of a deer but where it’s neck should be was a torso of a boy. The boy had antlers on this head and his fingers ended in claws. Gabriella shrieked at the sight of him, alerting him to her presence.

“What? Oh!” The boy’s voice was gravely from lack of use. He carefully turned around, holding his hands up. Doing his best not to frighten the girl further. “Hello Gabriella, don’t be alarmed. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Frightened she stuttered, “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

“Oh that,” he replied lamely. Then gesturing to his head he winked, “It’s one of my many quirks. I’m Huor Aldarion. My friends use to cal me Alda, too many Huors you see.”

Gabriella, not at all comforted, started to cry.

“No no no. Don’t do that!”

Alda crossed to the little girl and was about to reach out to her when he halted. Thinking better of it. Instead he picked up a twig from the ground and held it in his hands. After a moment he removed it and handed the girl a small bouquet of daisies.

“Here. A pretty girl like yourself deserves flowers. Thank you, for releasing me from that thing. To show my gratitude would you like me to show you the way home?”

Gabriella looked at the cylinder she had clutched to her chest. Wearily she held it out to him, swapping it for the flowers. She nodded, offering him her hand. Gently he took it and escorted her home.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: I choose you: A Monstrous creature is trapped within a device that keeps them from using their powers. the catch? the creature is going to be freed from the device by a human child.
Kirin’s Writing Blog


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