Lost girl

“Papu papu!” The little girl yelled as she ran into the living room fresh from her bath. Her grandmother hustled in after her, trying to wrestle the girl into a robe over her nightgown. The girls wet hair whipped all three of them as she laughed and thrashed.

“Well, looks like I don’t need my bath tonight,” he laughed. “What is it sweetheart?”

Just then the lights went out. As the man left to get his lantern and some flashlights the little girl grabbed her grandmother’s hand. The old woman led the girl to the couch where she proceeded to burrow into her side. A few minutes later the room was lit by lighting outside. After a few beats there was a loud crack and the girl shrieked.

“There there honey,” the woman soothed. “It’s just a storm, there is nothing to fear.”

“What is it?”

“Just a little rain.”

“But why does the rain do that? Why does it make the bright light?”

The old woman half smiled, recalling a tale her nana had told her when she was about her granddaughter’s age. It had been decades since she had thought of it. But why not? A story before bed was just the ticket, especially with the storm raging.

“It all started long ago. There was a brother and sister-”

“Like me and Jack?”

Lightning“Yes, like you and Jack. See this brother and sister lived in a city in the sky. This city was a touring beauty and all who lived there were quite happy. The brother and the sister were quite the adventurers and spent much of their time running around the clouds. One time they were jumping back and forth the clouds. Each challenging the other to jump to a cloud further and further away. Well, they came to a large expanse and the girl, without thinking took a running leap but he couldn’t quite make it. He dangled there, on the edge of a cloud. He had a hold of the cloud but was unable to pull himself up. The sister leapt across, barley making it herself. She mustered all of her strength to lift her up. Then she turned and place him on the cloud. When she let go of him she lost her balance and fell off the cloud. The boy cried out for her but he could not see her. It began to rain, and the darker it got the more he called for his sister. Finally he started throwing light down to the ground, trying to find her. To this day, during storms, he throws the light, in hope he will find his lost sister.”

The girl gave a sniffle, sad for the siblings. Finally her papu returned, carrying a bleary eyed Jack. The boy had been roused by the thunder. The little boy was somewhere between wake and sleep. He lazily shone the light in his sister’s face and whispered, “Found you.”



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Write a myth to explain lightning.
Amanda Patterson – Writer’s Write


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