I’ll never be the same

“You have go to be kidding me,” he muttered as he collided with a girl. The shakes he had been carrying spilled everywhere. Everywhere except on her. Of course.

The girl, horrified, caught the mans eye, “Oh my goodness, Sam! I am so sor-”

“Don’t,” he cut her off, “Just. Don’t.”

He wiped strawberry chunks off the front of his shirt. Looking around he noted the damage done by this encounter. The four cups were strewn all over the grass. Besides the mess on his shirt and some on the nearest picnic table most of it would wash away in the promised evening shower. On the spectrum of catastrophes that had occurred since he met her it was rather mild. Still annoying, but unlike his car, an affordable accident. He looked at the girl, shifting her wedight from one foot to the next. How could someone who looked so genial wreak so much havoc? She noticed him staring at her and dropped her eyes to her shoes. She started absently fiddling with her shirt hem. At the same time they both bent down to pick up the liter. Her head crashed into his and they both were knocked off balance.

“Seriously?” He snapped, his annoyance growing close to anger. “Miss Smith, what could I have possibly done to deserve you?”

Confused she asked, “Excuse me?”

Ever since we ran into each other that day on the bridge my life has steadily been getting worse and worse.”

“Oh come on, it can’t be that-”

“Can’t be that bad? Really? The day we met you made me so late for my meeting they ended up sending a guy who has been jockeying for my job for months. Since he did such a great job landing a new client I think he might actually achieve his goal. Only made worse by the fact that my attendance is slipping. Five years and zero late arrivals to work. I meet you and somehow run into you two or three times every week before work. Of course each time makes me late. Why is that? Then you run out in front of my car and I swerve to miss you and run into another car. You mysteriously show up in my life so much my girlfriend has convinced herself that I have something with you on the side. Or should I say ex-girlfriend-”

He cut himself off. Realizing he was shouting he took a few deep breaths.

Horrified she whispered, “I didn’t know. I never meant to bring you to any hardships. Believe me, that was never my intent.”

After regaining some degree of control he muttered, “I never saw you coming and I’ll never be the same.”


“I know you are Miss Smith. Or you’ve said it often enough that I think I do. Now until the next calamity I have some friends to get back to.”

He stood and wiped the dirt off his pants. He noticed some of it had mixed with the shake to make a muddy gooey mess. Aces. Absentmindedly he offered her his hand. Shocked she took it but released it as soon as she had regained her feet. Without looking at her he grabbed the cups and trudged off through the park to where his friends waited for him.



Found on Pinterest
Prompt: I saw this image and thought: What if the people aren’t in love? What if this new person accidentally came into someone’s life and started ruining it little by little?
Never the Same


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