He’s like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgement.

Folder“Seriously? This is the guy you want me to engage?” I spat, throwing the file down on her desk.

Unamused, Grace looked up at me over her glasses, “What?”

“Have you read that?”

“The Connor Moretti file? Sure. He is quite promising as a candidate.”

“Are you high?”

“Not yet.”

I scowled at her. She ignored me and  kept flipping through the file she had been reading before I interrupted. After a few minutes she glanced back at me. Rolling her eyes she set the file aside and picked up the Moretti brief.

“Fine. What are your concerns? He’s specialized, has crazy computer skills yet could hold his own in a fight unlike half the techs we have working here.  Bonus, he’s not bad on the eyes.”


“And what Emma?”

“Sent to a boys home when he was fourteen, released when he turned 18. His records regarding the inciting incident with Sarah Jones were officially sealed.”

“Sealed-ish,” she interrupted, referencing some heavily blacked out pages.

“FIne, sealed-ish. Then his first year in college he was forced to transfer for undisclosed reasons. That time there was a June Roberts referenced in connection to the relocation. Not three months later it happened again. He and Clara Owens were both asked to leave St. Johns junior college. On and on it reads. New town, new girl, new incident, new expulsion.”

“Have you done any follow up to see the circumstances?”

“No, I haven’t. I would think that any fool could see he’s like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgement. Anyone who has been caught as often as this nimrod has is not worth the time.”

“Read the report again Emma. All of the report. Then suit up and go engage him. I have a feeling you’re going to want to at least meet him.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Because this report includes a relocation that hasn’t happened yet.”

“How is that even possible?”

“No idea, it was just an entry like the others: town expelled from, date and who was connected.”

Disbelieving I wrenched the folder from her hands. Flipping through the list of past residences I found the last entry before the in-depth reports started. There it was. Simply written were two names. Two names and I knew Grace was right. In four months Connor would be leaving our area, and some how I was involved. All the proof I needed was there. Two words that sent me to the locker room to suit up. Emma Breckenridge.



Found via Pinterest
Prompt: He’s like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgement
Texts from last night


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