Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Forest“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads,” Kimmie yelled over the crunching of gravel beneath the jeep.

“That sounds ominous,” Jessica called from the back seat.

“Oh come on Jessica,” I called back to her, “Where is your sense of adventure?”

“I don’t know Parker, maybe with the map you let fly out the window!” She yelled.

“Seriously, everyone take it down a notch. Also, strap in. We are leaving the trail now and I don’t want anything else going out the window.”

“That was a trail?” Alison hollered, momentarily lifting her head from the brown paper bag.

Perhaps it was a  beat too long because a moment later she was dry heaving. Again. After that all four of us decided to keep silent. Perhaps that would help with Alison’s motion sickness. Doubtful, but there was always a chance.

An hour later it was obvious there wasn’t a chance that being quite would help. However we were now done off-roading and ready to make camp. We all agreed Alison could sit out while we put up the tents. Not wanting to feel completely useless she offered to hike down to the stream to get some water. The rest of us set to work. We had camped together enough to know which task each excelled at. A finely tuned machine. If four women who were so different from one another could be considered that.

The sun was beginning to set as we finished the preparations and started the camp fire. Crossing to the jeep I knelt down and crawled under the body. Kimmie had altered the frame so that there was a weapons cache underneath. I hadn’t known of the overhaul she had done on my old car until Kimmie showed me that morning. Considering what we were here to do, I didn’t mind. I stalled under the car as long as possible. Jessica wasn’t completely filled in on this weekend’s objective, and after drawing lots Kimmie had to tell her. Lucky.

It wasn’t like she would really care. We all knew it had to be done. Jessica would just have preferred someone else tackle the Big Bad Wolves. That wasn’t in the cards though. I got it, Jessica and Alison both had kids. Their families needed them. But you couldn’t deny Kimmie’s line of thinking. Who would fight harder than a woman fighting for her kids? In theory they should be fiercer than even crazy Kim. Blood thirsty, perpetually envisioning every bad thing in her life as the man who had attacked her as a teen. I always feared her wrath. Everytime she went hunting she brought to mind the fear and anger she had felt that night. She went to another place and someone else filled her body. Or that’s what it seemed like, because she was different when she hunted. Then there was me. A crack shot when it came to the range. I could fire ten shots into the same whole without even thinking about it. Yet I had never gone on a hunt. This time was different though. The pack had taken my brother back with them. He would either be used for training or initiated. Either future would only happen over my dead body.

Raised voices told me that Jessica was now filled in. This was a recon mission only. That’s what we had agreed. I’d be lying if I said that I could leave it there. If there was any way to get Trevor out, I would. Even if I had to stay in his place. Trevor was too young. He would either be brain washed or killed. No, that couldn’t happen. First we’d scope things out. Second we’d break camp. Third I’d lose them on the way out and go back for  him. No need to fill the others in on my objective. Like Kimmie had said, where we were going we don’t need roads. I certainly didn’t, my path was set.


Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.
Justin McLachlan


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