Who is that?

Her eyes cracked open, not wanting to acknowledge the annoyingly bright light. Mornings after a failed experiment were never good. With her eyes closed she thought about the previous night. She had changed the fuel rods, run the diagnostic and then entered the temporal sphere. In theory it should have brought her to the same place twelve hours earlier. It definitely hadn’t. Tired she had crashed into her bed without a second thought. She knew she should wake up and retrieve the data. Maybe that could show her the error.

Just as she mustered up the courage to actually wake up she felt a pillow hit her face. Confused and annoyed she sat up, turning as she did so. If she had been confused before it was nothing to how she felt now. There, still sleeping, was her. Odd, she was sleeping on the opposite side of the bed as she normally did. That was more than a little odd. Was she having an out of body experience? She pinched her arm, hard. Nope. She was definitely in her own skin, that hurt. She carefully got up and examined the sleeping figure. Auburn hair, the same shade as her own, was draped across her face. Fearing rousing her, she decided not to brush it away to identify the face. The woman asleep next to her was wearing the old pajamas she had gotten the summer before last. Upon inspection she realized they were relatively new. So there you had it. This couldn’t be her. She was wearing said pajamas and they were definitely worn.

She searched around for her phone. Surely one of her friends was responsible for this prank. Why she had no idea, but that seemed like the most logical conclusion. Crossing back to the night stand she grabbed the phone, sliding it open and was half way through calling her friend Becky when she froze. She didn’t have a sliding phone. Not anymore. Not since she had upgraded last year. Exiting out of the call she looked at the screen. Yesterday had been October 31. Why did the phone say July 13? Going to the calendar it was stuck two years behind. She hit the ‘go to today’ feature but the display remained the same.

July 13. Why did that ring a bell? After much thought recognition fell on her. Two summers ago. That was when she had switched from  researching teleportation to time travel. She hadn’t remembered why she had wanted to switch so badly. A weird dream or something, but she had known it was possible. Deep down she had been sure that it was possible. She also believed that the two ideas were linked and that one could lead to another. So if she could crack time travel, the other would follow. Where had that assurance come from though? As she looked around the room her eyes caught a familiar green pair.Odd, she never really realized how light they were in the morning. She was awake now, both of her.  However only she had her wits about her.

“Hey. Now don’t worry about a thing. You’re going to go back to sleep, you don’t need to get up yet, it’s summer! However, you should really give some thought to your link theory. We both know that time travel and teleportation are linked. You are just stubbornly trying to solve the latter when the former will be so much easier. Take it from me, you’ve got the brains for it. The key to being able to teleport is in cracking time travel,” I said to myself. Vague and repetitive. That should stick, right?

As I watched myself staring bleary eyed at me I felt a tingle in my fingers. As if on cue the old me drifted back to sleep, off to finish her ‘dream’ of seeing her future self. Meanwhile I began to fade. Not sure what that meant I closed my eyes too. Settling in for the next leg of my journey I smiled. I cracked it. The first half of the problem was solved. I guess. Now on to the second.


Found via Reddit.
Prompt: You wake up in bed laying next to yourself


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