Cherries and Exhaust

He watched as the old woman threw down Kellyn’s hand and spat, “You go. Now!”

Bewildered, his friend stuttered, “Wh-what? What’s wrong.”

“No talk, just go!” She replied, rising from the table too fast so that tarot cards and her crystal ball went flying. When she saw the two intruders were too startled to move she grabbed each by the ear and lead them to the exit. Throwing their money out after them. She dropped the opening of the tent and firmly sealed it once they were out.

“Well that doesn’t seem good,” Kellyn laughed.

He chuckled as he replied, “I guess your future isn’t too bright.”

Just then the old fortune teller tore open the flap to her tent again. This time she peered at Mike. After a few minutes of glaring she grabbed him by the collar and brought him back into the tent. Before Kellyn could follow them in the old lady barred the entrance. Mike was thrown into a chair and before he could regain his senses the old woman had one hand at her temple and another on this forehead. Any attempt for him to talk was quickly shushed. After a few minutes his mind was flooded with images. Kellyn in outer space. Kellyn working on a car. Kellyn walking around the shop. Kellyn laying in a pool of blood. Each image flashed so quickly he could barley process them.

“Now you know,”  the woman whispered, removing her hand from him. “Now you know how she will end. Now you know what I saw.”

“I don’t know anything! What was that?”

“If things continue the way they are headed now, that was what will come to pass in the future. I know nothing of how it can be altered. Just know this, it was at your hand she died.”

Mike shook his head in disbelief, “Lady, that’s not possible. I would never do anything to harm her.”

“I can see that, as you are now, that is true. However, the ancients do not lie to me. They brought me that vision for a reason. I fear something is coming for you.”

“What is coming?”

“I dare not know. I have said too much already. Now go.”

“You can’t-”


Falling backward out of his chair Mike finally found his footing enough to stumble out of the tent. There he fell into Kellyn’s waiting arms. She looked aghast. He could only imagine how he looked to warrant such a return look. Perhaps she had overheard what the teller had said. However the way she held him in her arms told him that wasn’t the case. If she was worried he was going to flip out and murder her she would hold him more gingerly. How could he tell her such a horrible fate?

Simple, he couldn’t. It was cowardly, he knew, but  what good would telling her bring? He wasn’t going to kill her. There was no way. Undoubtedly in six weeks they’d be splitting a pizza and washing it down with a couple of beers and they would be laughing about what the crazy old lady had said. For now though, he looked over her face hard. Besides worry lines she was completely fine. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, streaked here and there with grease. Her gray eyes searched his. She smelled of cherries and exhaust as she normally did. The ever present exhaust from working in the garage and the cherry lotion she used to try and cover the smell. They somehow mixed to make a scent that was uniquely her. No, he wouldn’t kill this girl, not his best friend. The fortune teller had been wrong. It was as simple as that.



 Part 1

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: She smelled of cherries and exhaust…
The Sarcastic Muse


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