An unforeseen circumstance

The commanders looked at the soldiers. All bowing, effortlessly accepting a female leader. Why would the question it? Many of them knew of Alexi, several had actually trained with her. She wasn’t some incompetent girl. She was a fighter, like them, and she would fight for them. Her selfless pledge to her brother had proven that. Willing to lay down your life for another mattered to the soldiers. What she was went beyond being a female or being male. She was a leader, plain and simple. One they would defend and support to the last person.

The Generals saw that all quite simply on the soldiers faces. Perhaps they had made a mistake not accepting Alexi into the legionnaire. If they had, she would have been bound to stay put just like every other soldier out there. Instead she was now King, or Queen rather and she knew they had killed her father. Would her judgement fall quickly, kill them where they stood? They weren’t sure. Rather than tempt fate they dropped their weapons. Slowly they looked in her direction, she was breathing heavily, adrenaline from the fight still coursed through her veins. She didn’t seem to see them anymore, she was transfixed by the sword in her hands. She was looking at it so intently the assembled people were quite sure she wasn’t paying attention anymore.

Niko was though. He ordered soldiers forward to take the Generals weapons and secure them. Then they were lead away on horses. Off to relocate to security cells until their trials could be arranged. Then they’d either go to jail or be executed. Time would tell. Niko, on Alexi’s behalf, ordered the remaining men home. The war they had been assembling for would no longer be fought. You couldn’t attack another country for sending assassins to kill the King if they were killed by in-country assassins. That would be suicide. Niko called three soldiers he knew well and trusted to the front. He requested they go as an envoy to explain the situation to the Bila. There was a plot to start a war, perhaps it wasn’t all on their side.  With everyone dispersed Niko looked at his sister. She was still staring intently at the sword and didn’t show any signs of stopping. Niko shrugged his shoulders, moved a few feet off, and sat down to wait.

Alexi looked at the sword, but didn’t see it. Instead she was transfixed by the most melodious voice she had ever heard, and she was certain it was coming from the sword. She wasn’t quite sure how that was possible but that didn’t matter. The sword was talking, well singing actually, and it was sharing with her the song of her father’s last moments.

Hunted down, no where to go
the old King turned, and grabbed his bow
five strong warriors fell fast
then seven more did pass
until their numbers grewand arrows became few
head on he would meet his fate
and started up a battle great
finally brought down by many foes
his last moments were filled with woe
a moment to think of the mother
of his precious son and daughter
a moment more spent on the son
whose reign was soon begun
then a third moment more
for the daughter who’d been a chore
many had joked it wasn’t right
to let a girl learn to fight
it was absurd indeed
for this country she would bleed
even then the king didn’t know
what his thoughts that night did sow
for through his eyes I saw the wisdom
of choosing a leader despite the custom
not yet of age, but wise beyond years
a person who acts, despite any fears
and so my choice was set in stone
to you, Alexi, would pass the throne.

The song finished and the flames released her. She was unsure how she felt about having a singing sword. Especially one fond of force rhymes, but maybe that was just how it introduced itself. Either way she’d have to wait until it felt like talking again. In the mean time she had a coup to fully dissolve. Questions needed to be asked. Arrangements made. Then, if time permitted, there needed to be the coronation.

“One thing at a time,” she whispered to herself.

Niko was at her side in a minute. He smiled at her, a bit sad. Placing his hands on either shoulder he pulled her into a tight hug.

“I never wanted this burden for you,” he mumbled in her hair.

“Nor did I wish to rob you of it.”

“Rob me? Dear sister, you have freed me. I have been given the greatest gift of all. It is you I fear for.”

She smiled at that, the words of the song echoing back to her. A person who acts despite any fear.

She leaned back to look him in the eyes, “You will be my second, wont you?”

“Of course! If you’ll have me.”

“I would have no other.”


 Part 1

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Yeah, I talk too: A sword has been given to a new ‘hero’ of the land. this hero is the child of the previous wilder of the sword who died fighting. What thoughts does the sword have and what do they say to the new hero?
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