It all started when she found the love letters…

It all started when she found the love letters although the trip had started earlier that day. The field trip to the museum had begun normally enough. Their teacher pointing out the Greek artifacts they were there to see in particular. They did the lesson about pediments, metopes and friezes of the Parthenon. Then they’d gone through the other artifacts. After having their lunch they were given a few hours to disperse and see what else they could find in the museum.  Ayden had wandered into a special exhibit on the Achaemenid Empire. There she had found the letters.

LettersShe didn’t know what it was about them that struck her so. There were no notes on them in particular, the sign just said they were old scrolls that had been copied from old tablets. For some reason she didn’t think they had been copied and she was sure that they were old love letters. She couldn’t read the letters, they were in an ancient script, some sort of cuneiform, but none the less she was sure. They almost felt familiar which was ridiculous. Her friends moved on long before she did, so ensnared by the odd puzzle. She stared at them for over an hour, trying to force a connection. Perhaps if she stared at them long enough they would tell her what they said.

“Ayden?” A gentle voice broke through her focus.

“Oh! Professor Megalos,” she breathed, “You startled me.”

“Well, Agent Oyu and I were starting  to round up the students and noticed you weren’t with your group. Figured I’d come and find you,” she explained. “What have you found.”

“Just some ancient scrolls.”

“Just? You seemed quite engrossed. What are they?”

Ayden stalled, “The sign doesn’t say.”

The teacher looked from Ayden to the documents and then back again. Tilting her head she studied the girl. Unbidden her eyes went back to the pages. She too felt something off of them. Looking closer she found herself scanning the unknown language. A symbol jumped out at her from the jumble of letters. Just as she was going to point it out to Ayden they were interrupted again.

“Yo, Ophelia!” Agent Oyu yelled, earning her a glare from the museum staff member.

“Cho!” Professor Megalos hissed, “Please remember we’re incognito today.”

“Sure sure, we got to go, it’s time to head back to the compound. You know how annoying these kids get when they miss practice.”

“Hey!” Ayden interrupted, her face full of mocked offense.

“Just get to the bus kid,” Cho joked, gently prodding Ayden to lead.

As they walked Ayden finger brushed her hair. Her teacher kept her eyes on her, something still not settling. The student’s arms flexed and unflexed as she bent them up to start pulling her long hair into a pony tail. Pale birthmarks peaked out from underneath her tee shirt, visible when they passed under the sunny windows. Ophelia got a feeling in her gut and her eyes were drawn to the teen’s hairline. There, briefly visible, was another birthmark. One that matched the symbol she had seen on the scrolls. Well, at least she knew why she was vibing so hard. Know to find out what it meant.

“I need to see the Director when we get back,” The teacher whispered.

Agent Oyu gave her a sideways glance, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Looks like we might need to do a little recon work. Possibly a B&E.”

“Really? That sounds promising. Be sure to request me as agent in command for that operation.”

“If you’re in charge you can’t be the one doing the actual  breaking and entering.”

“Oh, good point. Just include me on the detail then.”

“I’ll do my best, but I feel like you’ll be back here sooner than you’d probably like.”

“I’ll like it if it’s an op.”

“True, always one for adventure.”


Part of Agents & Abbies

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: It all started when she found the love letters…
The Sarcastic Muse


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