His girl

Luke pulled up to his house and thrust the truck into park. Stupid meeting. Why couldn’t people remember he had issues communicating? He jumbled what his words even in a relaxed setting, why would you put him in charge of representing the mechanics in a sales meeting? He was a man of action, not a man of words. That was one of the perks of working with cars, someone else did the talking, he just got to work with cars. They didn’t talk or twist his words. After a few deep breaths he got out of the car. He trudged to the door and fell through it. Sliding down onto the bench he began to work on his laces. Quietly Chloe came into the hall and leaned her head against his. Shedding a few brown hairs onto his work pants Luke couldn’t quite bring himself to care. This was what he needed. Just a moment of quite and calm. No one thinking he was an idiot just because he said the wrong thing. ChloeNo one thinking he was too dumb just because he’d gone to a trade school and not a university. Just his girl, greeting him at the end of a long work week. He could feel the annoyance of the day ebb away, such was her power. Luke loved his dog. She didn’t talk. He gave her a quick pat and then headed off to the kitchen to wrestle up some grub for the both of them.



Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Luke loved his dog. She didn’t talk.
The Sarcastic Muse


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