Reaching out

Out of nowhere, after years of reaching for him, her arm finally brushed up against his chest. Her hand reached the sword and shielded arm came around her back. The two were wrapped in one another before they knew what had happened. He didn’t know who she was, only that after centuries of having her within reach but unable to hold her had nearly driven him mad. For several stunned moments they stood. Still gazing into each others eyes as they had done for a lifetime, enjoying the feeling have finally being able to touch.

The girl came to her senses first. She playfully rubbed the branch on his chin and with little resistance took the sword from him.

“There is no need for that, right?” She asked.

Confused he replied, “I, I can’t recall.”

From in front of them a throat was cleared.

“Ah hem,” Agent Cho Oyu coughed. “Sorry to interrupt but could either of you shed some light on that exhibit over there?”

The man turned to put the shield in front of them while the woman rose the sword. She had looked harmless enough, half exposed with nothing but a twig to defend herself with. However, the icy stare coming from her now spoke volumes to her capabilities. Cho held her hands in front of her, as nonthreatening as she could make herself considering she was in gear. The woman looked from Cho to where she pointed and back.

Slowly she asked, “What do you want to know?”

“Just if you know anything about those scrolls in that exhibit,” she explained.

The man was, again, confused. He hadn’t noticed anything but the woman who was still holding his sword, he was sure she was in the same position. Or so he thought.

“It arrived a few months ago. Part of a special collection. Seems like it wasn’t necessarily suppose to be here, but yet, here it is. I’ve heard the guards talk about it. At first that was all they would talk about while it was being installed. Now they only rehash it if they’re bored and other gossip is slow.”

Agent Oyu nodded. Then looked over to a man and saw the drops of sweat around his brow. His arms began to shake as he held them out in ront of him. Nervous now, Cho looked around.

“I hate to spring this on you, but you must make a choice,” Cho whispered, a nervous energy making her cautiously quite. “You can either resume your previous pose or you can leave your painting. Which will it be?”

“Excuse me,” the man practically yelled.

“I don’t have time to explain it, reality is about to reseal itself. You can either stay in yours for several lifetimes of gazing at one another or you can cross over here and spend just one actually being together. Which will it be?

Without having to confirm it with one another they stepped over the frame. Cool marble met their feet, chilling them momentarily. An exhilirated shiver ran up the woman’s back and the man pulled her closer. Cho did one better by pulling off her outer gear jacket and handing it to the woman.

“Good work Clyde,” Cho called to the other man. “Now, before you recuperate can you bring these two down to the van. The Director wont be happy, but if you sneak them there now at least we can wait to deal with everything else back at the compound.

“Yes ma’am,” Clyde said.

A man of few words. Agent Ouy liked that about him. As the three left the room she carefully crossed through the passage way to the other exhibit room. She looked carefully at the system. Sighing she saw no other option given how pressed she was for time. She shouldn’t have asked the paintings about the exhibit. It wasn’t necessary after all. She was just so tired of seeing that look of longing in their eyes. No one should have to live with that. The Director wouldn’t approve, and she’d likely be on desk duty for a month or two, but it was done. Taking a deep breath she took out her tools and set to work cutting her way in to get the letters.

“Ophelia better appreciate this,” she mumbled, “if I get caught stealing on top of everything else the Director will take my security clearance away.”

Part of Agents & Abbies

Found via WordPress.
Prompt: One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?
Peace & War
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