Unexpected Guests

I finally arrived in the drive perplexed to discover that my garbage can was no longer at the end of the drive. Well, that wasn’t terribly odd. My brother had mentioned something about picking up some tools from the garage. Shrugging it off I clicked the button and the garage door opened. As I parked  I realized he hadn’t been by. The tools I had set aside in the bag were still there. Weird. Maybe a neighbor had moved it? Although I didn’t really live in that type of neighborhood. We all respected each other by leaving one another alone. I may wave to them, occasionally, but we weren’t pull-the-garbage-cans-out-of-the-street friendly.

Pulling the keys from the ignition I was half distracted by my thoughts as I walked to the back door. Giving the key an extra jiggle to make it unlock I was washed over with the smell of baked goods. That was definitely odd. I have impulse control issues so sweets weren’t regularly allowed in the house. So what was it? Cautiously I crept in. I thought I heard voices coming from the living room. Confirmation, something was definitely up, No one uses my living room. There was a tinkling of dishes and more murmured talking. Taking the long way around I slipped into the front hall to grab my brother’s old field hockey stick I crept to the dining room. Peering around the corner I was taken off guard. There were two old ladies sitting there with their hands crossed in front of them on their laps. Clearly they had just set down their utensils because each had a half-eaten slice of cake in front of them on the coffee table. Well that explained the smell at least. Or partially explained it.

One lady had gray hair while the other had hair so white it almost seemed blue. Blue had light blue eyes that were currently looking me up and down, head cocked as she studied me. Gray had kind hazel eyes which captured mine as soon as they meant one anther. She fluffed her hair before giving a guttural throat cough. Unexpected.

“Hello Emily,” she croaked.

If it were possible, I was even more on guard. Reflexively I tightened my grip on the stick. Not like I could use it against them though. I would feel too guilty, like attacking my grandparents. Just not okay.

“Claire!” The other admonished, “We agreed to take it slow!”

It was my time to study. There was something in her voice that seemed, familiar. Although I had no clue why.

“Oh fiddle sticks Bea,” she replied, “I was just saying hello.”

“Well you’ve said it, now stop.”

“So bossy.”

“Would one of you please tell me what is going on?” I yelled, interuppting the fight.

“Always.” Claire added.

The other one was glaring at her companion, I remembered her friend had called her Bea. Perhaps she was the one to ask.

“Excuse me, Bea?” I asked

“Bea?” Blue replied.


“Oh, right. Bea,” she confirmed, nodding to herself

Perhaps I was wrong, this one was appearing crazier by the second.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Why are you two lovely ladies sitting in my living room eating cake?”

“Oh let them eat cake!” Claire squealed with a giggle.

Definitely crazy. Both of them.

Again Bea glared at her friend before continuing, “We’re here to talk to you of course.”

“Oh, of course,” I snapped.

“Don’t be smart,” she snapped in response. Gesturing she continued “Just grab a slice and sit down.”

I looked to my left and saw it. A masterpiece of cake and chocolate was precariously balanced on top of all my moving boxes. I was nervous to touch it, fearing it would topple over. Crossing to the cake I realized there was already a slice served up on a plate. For a brief moment the instinct to ‘not take candy from strangers’ flashed through my head. Then I looked at said strangers. Confident in my ability to take them under any circumstance I shrugged off the thought. A bite later I was more than happy with the choice.

“Now, dearie,” Claire started.

Was it my imagination or had she ignored using my name on purpose?

“What are your thoughts on fairy godmothers?” Bea finished taking everyone in the room off guard.

Nearly choking on my cake I coughed, “They make for a good plot device?”

Smiling Bea nodded, “Indeed. Don’t worry, we’re not fairy godmothers.”


“We are something else entirely,” Claire giggled.

“Such as?”

“Such as it doesn’t matter,” Bea finished.

It was weird. Claire seemed content to say whatever she pleased while Bea was vary much trying to control the entire situation. Somewhere in the middle was me. I decided to just roll with it and eat my cake. It was really that good that I hadn’t demanded the ladies leave. Also, as much as I was sure I could handle myself, if they really were crazy, well then. You can’t bet against crazy in a fight, it’s just not done.

“Uh-oh,” Claire said, looking at her watch, “I thought you said you got home at 5 everyday.”

“What of it?” Bea hissed back.

“It’s 6!” Claire yelled.

“Oh, really?”


“Well then let’s move this along, shall we? I’m sure Emily has plans tonight,” Bea concluded.

“No I don’t,” I but in.

“Yes you do,” Bea argued.

“No, I don’t!”

“Yes. You. Do! Okay, fine. We are fairy godmothers, only instead of amazing dresses we bring cake.”


“Yes, anyway you need to go out tonight.”

Amsued I asked, “Oh yeah? Anywhere in particular?”

“Paint,” Claire added, wanting to be part of the conversation.


“Ignore her,” Bea said. “You need to go to Ralph’s.”

“Ralph’s? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Afraid not. We promise to leave if you go get ready. We’ll drop you off and you’ll go in and order a drink. Once you are there for ten minutes we’ll drive off. You’ll never have to see us again.”


“We’ll leave the cake!” Claire negotiated.

I eyed the cake. I could stomach going to some stupid bar for one drink. Especially if that meant I could come home and get another slice of that magnificence.

“Fine,” I rolled my eyes, “Whatever.”

“Excellent. Now go. I’d suggest wearing your Chucks,” Bea added.

That made my brow rise. Shaking my head I went upstairs to change. Well, this was certainly not how I expected the long day to end. Looks like it’s about to get longer. However, as much as I tried, I couldn’t regret it. Some unknown feeling was settling in my stomach. It felt almost like anticipation. Something was coming, I just wasn’t sure what. I hoped it was good. Time would tell.



Found via WordPress.
Prompt: You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.
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