What is That?

“Really, that’s what you’re wearing?” Bea asked as I came down the stairs.

“What’s wrong with it? I remember – oof!” Claire said before being smacked by Bea.

I looked down at my ensemble. Fitted red tee, worn jeans with a small tear in the knee and black chucks. Haughtily I flipped my corn silk hair over my shoulder and said, “Sorry, crazy, but this is as good as it’s going to get tonight.”

Shrugging she gestured to the door. Claire scuttled out, laughing at some unknown joke. I approached the coat tree and snagged my leather jacket, I’d need it for the walk back from Ralph’s. Apparently transportation home wasn’t covered in this fairy godmother scenario. Bea and I eyed each other expectantly. Finally I motioned for her to lead the way, jiggling my keys as a cool. I needed to lock up. The ghost of a smile danced on her lips before she slipped out. Shaking my head I followed, taking longer than was necessary to lock up.

“Be sure you do a thorough job,” Bea quipped.

Sensing her sarcasm I did just that, taking the extra moments to do the deadbolt as well. Turning around I saw a car in the drive that hadn’t been there before. I definitely would have noticed this monstrosity.

“What is that?” I choked, finally finding my voice.

The, for lack of a better word, car looked as if someone had gone all Frankenstein on an El Camino and VW Van, some how combined the two, and this was the result. The ladies in the vehicle hadn’t heard me or were ignoring me, either way my question fell on deaf ears. I really hoped no one saw me in this wreck. Sliding a pair of sunglasses out of my many pockets I flipped them on and nearly sprinted to the car. I stuffed myself in the back and sunk down low. In retaliation of my previous attitude, Bea took her sweet time adjusting her mirrors and waving to my dog-walking neighbors. At least my car was tucked away in the garage. Maybe people would think these crazy bats were just loitering.

Once all the pedestrians had vacated the streets we left. I wasn’t sure if that was coincidence or by design. Something told me it was by design. I was sensing, in some ways, a kindred spirit in Bea. If I were in her shoes I certainly would have taken my sweet time. I had, in fact, done just that with the door. Rolling my eyes to no one in particular I shrunk down a bit lower in my seat until I was quite comfortable.

Ralph’s is located just outside Olde Town, one of the historic districts in town.  Olde Town proper is a fun place to spend the evening. Ralph’s, a mere three blocks from the edge, is not. It’s a dive and I was yet to hear a positive tale associated with it. My brother’s Stag party had stopped there on their Bachelor Crawl. An hour later I had been called in to pick up two of the idiots who had their butts handed to them in a brawl. When I had arrived one of the bartenders was patiently waiting while the morons held ice packs over their face. One had a busted lip the other had a black eye and none of the other party goers were throwing them under the bus. Eventually I apologized profusely and threw the idiots in the back seat while the rest left to continue the crawl.

To this day I didn’t know what the fight was about, or who it was with. I had thought it had been with some bar patrons, but on the drive home their conversation, the little that was understandable through the drunken slur, made me think they had fought each other. Not that it mattered, it had it’s effect. Ralph’s was a bar where crazy things happened. However, as I thought about it, the only stories I had ever heard of Ralph’s were through Kyle. His friend’s were not short on bad ideas and perhaps they had skewed the data. After tonight I would be able to say for certain.

Pulling up the vehicle shuddered to a stop in a parking space just beyond the bar.

“Good place to lookout,” I said dryly.

“Well, we need to make sure you deserve the cake,” Claire joked.

“Uh-huh. You two going to tell me the truth about why I’m going in there.”


“Yes truth,” I snapped at Claire. I was done with the charade.

“It will all become clear,” She said in response.

I glared at Claire who steadfastly ignored it. Then I turned the glare onto Bea. Her eyes were dancing with amusement, but something else as well. Then, the feeling from before returned. Again I felt anticipation. Excitement. Adventure. All of it was surrounding me, and all I had to do was embrace it.


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