New Organization to the Blog

A quick post to highlight some changes I’ve made to the blog. Originally I started writing daily responses to prompts, although I’ll still do that from time to time I’ll also be elaborating on existing prompts that have developed into their own narrative. If any of these emerge I’ll create a page for those stories. Currently there are 9 pages with the links of their corresponding stories, some of which are not actually connected chronologically yet, but as they are they’ll be moved up in the queue. I don’t plan to do updates like this often (especially not for every new page) but wanted to emphasize the new changes. Organizing this and the stories has taken a little time which is why I haven’t been as faithful at updating. Hopefully now that can change – fingers crossed.


Agents & Abbies: A group of gifted individuals and their interactions with one another and those that protect and monitor them.

Annie’s Artifact: An archeologist’s assistant is unknowingly sent on an adventure.

City in the Clouds: Emily’s life was changed either thanks to a slice of cake or something a little more.

DAEE: Emotions are a dangerous thing and have been conditioned out of many humans, just not Amelia.

Disaster Diaries: Some girls have cutesy vlogs, others show off their creative side or their shenanigans, but for Nikita it’s something else entirely.

Mike & Kellyn: Is it possible to change the future or is theirs already set in stone?

Myths: A pair of siblings spend much of their summer living with their grandparents. They, in turn, decide to pass the old stories on to the new generation.

New Order: Things are not alright in the world created by the New Order and one family has just been pushed too far.

Ribbon: Two ‘new’ students will find comfort in one another as they figure out the workings of their new school.


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