Handcuffs and Hall passes

Agent Mott roughly paraded the boy past the commons in the direction of the Director’s office. As they passed the teen caught the eye of a girl. He stared at her, longer then would be considered polite. Nodding to himself he finally offered her a shy smile. Mesmerized she watched as he awkwardly shifted his shoulders. Nearing the edge of the room the boy jerked his free arm and a pair of handcuffs fell free. She could hear Mott mumbling as they rounded the corner, light glinting off of a dozen more cuffs that still bound the boy’s arms together. Curious she walked to the discarded set of cuffs. Head prickling she looked in the opposite direction. To her amazement she could see another pair further up the hall. She knew she should let it go, but she was bored with studying. Instead she decided to take a leaf from Cho’s book. Throwing caution to the wind she decided to go on a miniature adventure. Ignoring the clock that showed fifteen minutes until curfew she stalked down the hall, holding the cuffs as if they were a pass. If she did get caught, she was sure the agents would appreciate her being so prepared.

Part of Agents & Abbies

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Image response (below)



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