A dance down to detention

“Lia,” Cho hissed, “Are you sure about this?”

“As sure as I ever am,” she mumbled.


They each took a moment to steel their nerves, then they were off. With practiced timing they made their way down the hall. Without comment they would zag to the opposite side of the hall. As Lia followed Cho into a diving somersault Lia was again hit with how foolish their dance looks to the naked eye. It wasn’t the naked eye they needed to fool though, just the roving electronic eyes of Argus.

As they neared the end of the science wing Cho moved to check her watch. Before she even registered the time Lia’s eyes glazed over and she whispered, “up!”

Rolling her eyes Cho continued to run towards the doors. It seemed like she would run right into them, but at the last moment she turned on a dime. Lunging down she left a whisper of space between herself and the door. By the time she was set Lia was already stepping. Confidently placing her foot in Cho’s waiting hands she did a pirouette as Cho lifted her up. Reaching the ceiling Lia deftly slid a tile to the side an hoisted herself up. Hooking her legs behind a fortutous pipe she dipped herself back out of the square. Cho backed up and took a running leap. In an easy round off she launched her legs up towards Lia. She caught Cho’s ankles easily and Cho jack knifed so her arms could reach the opening. Lia shifted out of the way as Cho pulled herself in. Once she was up they replaced the tile just as the knob on the door to the hall turned.

Cho furrowed her brow and whispered, “Do you know who?”

Lia held her finger to her lips while shaking her head. They waited a few minutes. Lia closed her eyes in concentration, trying to see what was coming. At first she kept shaking her head no. Cho was use to this. Whenever Lia didn’t really like what she was feeling she would tell herself ‘no’. As if that would change fate. Per usual, Lia resigned herself to her vibes. As she opened her eyes her face paled.

Lowly Lia explained, “I need to get caught.”

“What! No.”

“The girl, she needs our help! Something changed. Before it was just us finding another student, now. Now it’s something else. We’ll need the Director in on it. Ergo he needs to be filled in ASAP.”

“Fine, we’ll just pop down then-”

“No! No, no no. Just me. We both don’t need to get grounded for this.”

“Lia, come on, we’re in this together.”

“Trust me, something tells me we’ll need one of us able to sneak out still.”

“Oh that’s comforting.”

“Can you make it back without-”

“Really? You don’t think I can sneak back into the dorms? I’ve been doing this way longer than you. Of course I can.”

“Good. See you in a bit.

Shuffling the tile aside Lia quickly slipped through the hole. Just as Cho replaced the stile she heard a booming voice. Just their luck. Caught by stupid Agent Mott. There was no way he would believe Lia was alone. Tuning out his yells as he approached Lia, Cho carefully took hold of the pipe above her. Gingerly she pulled herself along it until she was several feet away. Hearing him closer to the original tile she chanced lowering herself down. She moved to the other side of the heating ducts and began the long process of waiting.

*     *     *     *     *

“Megalos!” Agent Mott bellowed.

Lia barley contained the eye roll. She couldn’t shake the constant vibes that he was extremely dangerous. However his poor attempts to mask his contempt for the students made her think he was just a loose cannon. Still, she shouldn’t provoke him. The vibes were just too strong to ignore.

Sighing she rose her chin and looked him square in the eye, “Agent Mott, I need to speak with the Director.”

“Really? You think you can just throw all the rules off to the side and swan about like you own the place?”

“No sir, I just was on my way down to administration.”

“The long way around?”

He had her there. She looked down trying to think of an excuse but he didn’t give her the chance. “Listen you little freak. I don’t care what your ‘gifts’ are. You are no better than any other student here. There are protocols in place. If you need to see anyone after curfew you contact Argus!”

“I’m sor-”

“Not as sorry as you are going to be. Off to your room with you. You are on lock down Missy.”

“But the dire-”

“Nope. No buts. We are doing this by the book. I will be escorting you to detention. Then I will file a report with Argus myself. You will be released from detention in the morning. Then you can do what you should have done from the beginning and send in your request to Argus. Of course, since you will have just been processed odds are you’ll be put on the ‘low priority list’,” He ended with a smirk.

“If you have anything to do with it,” Lia grumbled under her breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing sir.”

“Good. Move out, we’re heading to the cells. I don’t think you’ve ever been in detention, have you? You are in for a real treat.”

*     *     *     *     *

Cho sighed. She had strained to hear the conversation once she had settled in. She had clearly heard Mott’s gloating voice as he told Lia he was taking her to the cells. Cho couldn’t stop the involuntary shutter that ripped through her. The cells themselves weren’t actually that bad. They were actually single dorm rooms for students when they first arrive, but something was off about them. Or some of them anyway. If you were unlucky enough to be in a creepy one it was impossible to shake the feeling if you were in an innocuous one. Cho should no. She had seen the before and after herself.

Once she was certain Lia and Mott were gone she made her way down the science wing. Picking up the dance in the middle was tricky. Without Lia’s vibes Cho elected to stick to the ceiling routes. She felt edgy the entire time. It wasn’t until she dropped down in front of her dorm door that she figured out why. The girl. Lia had said something about a girl being in danger. Shortly after she said she’d need one of them able to sneak out. Maybe Cho had just figured out why. Lia wasn’t going to be able to talk to anyone until the morning. By then it might be too late. However if Lia filed a request the Director might be alerted tonight. Cho didn’t know any details though. Shoot, Lia hadn’t even told her what type of abilities they were looking for.

Cho shook her head as she let herself into her room. Pulling the tape off she allowed the teeth of the door shut properly. She went to her computer to compose a request with Argus. Cho would just have to do her best to convince him herself. Worse case she’d just say the Lia needed to talk to him. He could go off and find her himself. Cho would just need to be careful not to divulge too much, like Lia’s current location. There was no feasible why she would know that. She would just have to focus on the main detail: there was an exceptional girl out there who needed help.

*     *     *     *     *

“Hello Clarice,” the hooded figure purred as he entered the room.

“The name is Clary,” she said threw gritted teeth.

“Tut tut,” he said as her body froze in pain. “You were not given permission to speak.”

The shock subsided leaving her limp on the concrete floor. Hatred flooded her veins after the electricity left. She could feel it building and knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it at bay much longer. Trying to calm down she focused her vision on the cords that were placed at various points on her body. If she could just get them off the torture would stop. She snorted at that thought. How many times had she read about how sessions like these end? One of two outcomes were in her future. Someone saving her or death. She had no idea where she was, she doubted anyone else knew where she was. She doubted any one was even looking. The first option wasn’t looking good. Resigning herself to the likelihood of the second she forced herself back onto her heels. She rose her head to glare at the newest addition to the room.

They kept their hood up, just like every other person had so far. They also had a voice modulator on so it was impossible to tell if they were male or female. Given their slight build she would normally guess a woman, but there was something that told her it was a man. Pushing this to the back of her mind she focused on the words coming out of their mouth.

“wants to know what progress you have made. Anything new to report?”

“Nothing. She hasn’t shown any inclinations to anything besides a hot temper. Which, given the circumstances, not completely surprising,” another responded.

A third chirped, “Are we certain she is a candidate.”

This seemed to annoy the first, “Yes. We are quite certain. You two just aren’t pressing enough.”

Snatching the controls away the newcomer viciously cranked the dial as far as it would go. Blinding pain erupted through her body. Her back arched and then froze. Everything went white behind her eyes. Time passed. She wasn’t sure how long the electricity coursed through her, but she finally let go of everything. All thought and desire seeped out of her. She felt hollow and then she noticed the pain had ebbed. The light however didn’t. She peaked her eyes open and saw why. Spanning out from her clenched fists were wide discs of light. She looked down and realized the discs had severed the cords that were all over her body. Smiling she stood and started to walk towards the door.

She wasn’t completely sure how she was doing whatever this was but she hoped if she kept enraged it wouldn’t stop. A good plan until she felt a stab from behind her. Opening one hand the disc slowly faltered. Reaching for her neck she examined the area she had felt the stab. Her eyes started to droop as she fought to maintain her bearings and the other disc. She pulled something from the area and brought it to her face. A dart. She had been struck by a dart. Slowly she fell to her knees and with the last of her strength lowered herself to the ground so she wouldn’t smash her face. A tear escaped her eye as she lost consciousness. For one shining moment she thought she might be able to save herself.


Part of Agents & Abbies


Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: Image response (below)
Flickr:  Jay Andruckow


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