Distraction is the name of the game

She puffed a whisp of hair out of her face. It resolutely fell back into her eyes as she gritted her teeth in concentration. Carefully she continued to place one hand in front of the other as she crossed the floor. Her head was starting to pound with all of the blood trapped there after twenty passes upside down. Cho preferred that to having it pound with worrying thoughts. Who did Lia see? What was happening to that girl right now? With those troubling thoughts in mind she resolved to keep the handstand for five more laps and then call it. For now.

Fifteen minutes later and Cho was in need of another distraction. Glancing at her watch she noticed it was 4:56. Technically curfew was over in four minutes. Then she could leave her pod. Cho knew exactly where she would heading this morning. She also knew it would have to be with a different partner compared to her usual.

Walking to her room she rooted around her dresser for clean training clothes. Settling on her ‘ninja’ gear she was dressed in all black in less than a minute. Even her flaming hair was partially covered with her black cap. Grabbing her com she shot off a message before dumping it into her thigh holster. Adding her keys to the holster pocket she checked her watch again. 5:01. She was free.

Throwing open her door as if it wasn’t three hours before most would leave for classes she waltzed out. Twirling as the door closed, she flashed her wrist against the frame and was off. She couldn’t stop the smile that crossed her face at the thought of Mott reading the security logs. He would be wicked annoyed that someone was out this early. Especially if that someone is the bestie of a person in detention. Too bad. Rules are rules.

Careful to not make too much noise she made her way to the stairwell. She slid down the spiral to the ground floor. When she arrived she wasn’t surprised by the lack of life. She crossed the den and started her way up the other staircase. Waiting at the doors to the fourth floor was non-other than Gabouray ‘Gabe’ Bouchard. Whenever you needed a partner for a prank, he was the man to go to. He already had a conspiratorial grin plastered to his face. Nodding in welcome, he gestured for her to follow him down the hall.

Reaching his pod Gabe bent to flash the pass that hung around his neck. With a click it granted him access and he held the door open for her to follow. She did so swiftly. She was careful to keep her wrist facing towards herself so she wouldn’t register on the security log. Being out of bounds occasionally was fun. True, she was allowed to be in the pod, but with the early start it was just too much ammo for Mott to have. Putting his finger to his lips Gabe motioned for her to follow. She figured it was futile. Melker was bound to wake the others when they surprised him. If Gabe wanted to delude himself though, that was his choice. Cho easily crossed the dark room, following him silently. He tiptoed to the room he shared with Melker and flattened himself against the wall.

Winking he held up three fingers. Over gesturing the countdown he slowly ticked off each beat. Cho crouched down, ready to spring. Two beats passed before she held up her hand. She scuttled back to the living room and grabbed one of the many Nerf guns the guys owned. She reset herself by the door. Gabe’s white teeth shone in the dark. Again he started the countdown. On the last beat Gabe threw the door back and she sprang. With a handspring she was soaring through the air towards Melker’s bed. Once she was able she started pelting him with the nerf balls. She landed delicately right by his bed and continued to shoot him.

Confused he burrowed deeper into the covers for protection. She was finally out of ammo and had no other weapons. She needed another aid in the waking process. Looking around the room she was about to go for a foam sword when Melker took advantage of her distraction and shot up and out of bed. Blindsided she fell to the floor easily. He gently placed his foot on her chest to hold her there. Melker looked down at his rambunctious girlfriend.

Annoyed, he growled, “I hate to say this, but this sucks.”

“It doesn’t sound like you hate to say it,” Gabe called from the doorway.

Without warning the foam shot towards Gabe. It pegged him in the stomach and he dropped to the floor. Cho tried to turn, but Melker’s foot still suggested she stay put. Grabbing his leg she twisted and down he fell. Now all three were sprawled out and laughter erupted from the doorway. Clearly Gabe wasn’t hurt, which was surprising. Cho knew for a fact that that sword was only coated in foam. It still had a heavy wooden center. However, at his outburst of laughter her concern melted away. Melker’s grouchiness took center stage by expressing itself with loud shouting.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Cho returned to the living room before the others inevitably work up. Best if no witnesses placed her in the boy’s bedroom. Sure enough, a moment later the pod-mates started sticking their heads out. Seeing Cho gave them pause, but curisoity got the better of them. In various stages of dress they peaked out to see George still on the ground chuckling with Melker pacing back and forth nonsensically shouting.  Deciding to take control of the situation Cho crossed to Melker.

With hands raised in surrender she called, “Hey there buddy. Looks like you could use an outlet for that attitude. Let’s go spar for a bit, yeah?”

Annoyed he glared at her, “Whatever, fine.”

He crossed back into his room and slammed the door. They could all hear him opening drawers and slamming them shut. Confused, the remaining roommates looked at one another. After eying Cho one last time they shrugged and shuffled back into their rooms. It was just another day. They were use to her causing a commotion in their lives. It had been that way ever since she had started school with them.

Cho’s bedroom was on the backside of Melker and Gabe’s. She had decided to test just how much sound traveled between the two sides as soon as she moved in. While blasting her stereo she had thrown a ball against the wall. Oddly enough the ball reverberations had passed through, not the stereo. After an hour of thump…..thump…..thump Melker had snapped. Charging off to find out just who was being so annoying. He arrived just as she was about to give up the attempt. Ignoring his demeanor Cho was just as delighted to meet him as to discover just impacts to the wall echoed through to the other side. She still didn’t know why, but it had been a comfort when she first moved in. She also discovered with her door closed her roommates had no idea she was up to anything. Whatever soundproofing was done to the walls applied to the doors as well.

Melker’s door opened again. Pointedly stepping over Gabe, Melker walked straight to the door. Cho offered Gabe a hand up. He took it jovially and sprung up easily.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” Gabe said as he entered his room.

With one last conspiratorial wink he closed the door. Melker coughed and gestured to the now open door. Cho smiled. Quickly she crossed the living room and was out in the hall before he could change his mind. He could very well shut the door and keep her out. He must be in the mood to hit something though because he silently shut the door behind them both. Rolling his eyes he nodded his head for her to lead. She practically danced in excitement as they made their way down the hall.

Part of Agents & Abbies

Found via Pinterest.
Prompt: I hate to say this, but this sucks.
It doesn’t sound like you hate to say it


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