Rude Awakening

Serena’s ear twitched as the door clicked shut. Hearing the soft beep as the scanner outside the door registered a key scan she clinched her eyes shut. Arching her back into a deep stretch she snuggled deeper into the pillow and fell back asleep. An hour or so later she was harshly awoken by a shrill sound.

“Gosh darn it,” Hanna yelled. “Lola, wake up!”

A gentle questioning ‘hmmm’ came from above the bed. Cracking an eye, Serena looked towards the ceiling and hissed at the form above the bed. Blinking the bleariness from her eyes she realized it was just Lola and snuggled back into the pillow.

“Lola! Did you here me? Wake up!”

“Hanna, chillax, why are you screaming?” Lola yawned as she started to rubbed her eyes.

First mistake of the day.

Falling from the ceiling she crash landed onto the bed and a mewling erupted. Lola shot out of the bed and tripped. Rubbing her knees she looked for what she had fallen over. Checking under the bed a cat ran out and within moments Hanna was driven to hysterics.

“Serena!” Lola yelled, hands clasped over her ears, “Shift!”

The black cat cocked its head and stared at the scene before her. Hanna was slowly sinking through her bed as she heaved gasping breaths. Lola was alternating between pointedly looking at Serena and yelling at Hanna to calm down. Shrugging she stretched out. As she did a shimmery light glinted off her body as the black hair receded and transformed back into tough, pale skin. Before she completed her shift Lola rolled her eyes and threw a blanket over Serena. A moment later her head popped out and she smiled sheepishly. Looking over to the bed Hanna had, thankfully, calmed herself down and was examining her predicament. She had stopped sinking into the bed but her legs hadn’t sunk deep enough to offer her any leverage. Lola stood and offered her hand to Hanna.

“Full moon?” She said, as way of apology.

“Full moon,” Hanna agreed as she grudgingly took the offered hand. They both look over to Serena accusingly.

“I am not apologizing. I am the only one actually influenced by the moon,” she snapped indignantly.

“But why are you in our room?”

“Oh,” she answered, slightly deflated. “I am sorry about that.”

“You know how unlucky black cats are!” Hanna hissed. “Why do you insist on taking that form?”

“I don’t know how to control the color! And I shifted while I was sleeping, I didn’t do it on purpose. Cho came back and woke me up. I forgot about your stupid superstitions watching her work herself into a state. I knew she’d be up half the night so I left our room and sought out a free pillow, sue me.”

Hanna, now free of the bed, stood and trudged towards Serena who was instantly on her feet. Lola was between them in an instant as they started yelling at one another. The three girls jockeyed back and forth, the blanket threatening to tangle up and take them all down with each twirl.

“Well well well,” A familiar voice called from the door, “what do we have here?”

Without looking Lola snapped, “Don’t even start Cho.”

Looking up she froze as she took in the state of her other roommate. Serena and Hanna finally noticed and looked towards the door too.

“Start the coffee,” Serena mumbled as she walked past Cho. “I think I’ll need some extra help following this story. Also some clothes.”



Part of Agents & Abbies


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